Commission Process

It gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate and honour one’s emotional connection to their place through the work I do…I find true joy working with my Clients.  Heather Kocsis 


East63rdStreet1 copy

STEP 1: Photographic Research and Compositional Drawing

Once the Client selects a building or architectural scene, Heather Kocsis prefers to visit the site and photograph the various angles to capture the light and essence of the subject matter. This process connects Heather to the scene, manifesting what resonates with the Client. Heather then composes a drawing outlining the details of the composition. If a site visit is not possible, Heather Kocsis is able to work with photographs of any architectural site from around the world.





STEP 2: Building

Using layers of wood, Kocsis builds the architectural scene from the background to the foreground. This process often takes the longest, as Kocsis ensures the texture, detail and craftsmanship is just right. Building takes a minimum of 3 weeks, depending on the size.






STEP 3: Painting

After sealing the wood, Kocsis begins applying the layers of paint, communicating the depth of the architectural scene and bringing the work to life.






East63rdStreet111STEP 4: Signed and Delivered

Custom boxes are designed to protect the work. A Certificate of Authenticity is included as well as installation directions. If possible, Heather Kocsis enjoys personally delivering the completed commission.







1123Heather Kocsis's portfolio of commissions include works for Art Collectors for their private dwellings; CEOs and Business Owners showcasing their corporate offices; Real Estate Owners and Developers honouring their respective properties as well as articulating the projects of Structural Engineers and Architects..

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